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Though the day is still early and there’s a good chance I’ll edit this post to reflect any additional words I write, I’m going to take a break after writing 830 words for Ascent to Heresy.  I want to leave the work for a bit while still savoring to write so that it’s easier to commit later on, knowing where I’ll begin and in what direction I head.

Today saw the development of Chapter 13 and my work on fleshing out the believability of the antagonist.  I’m really striving to blend the lines between the classic good and evil, as reality hardly subscribes to either, opting more for the gray in between.

Good and evil is a matter of perspective, and this is a point I hope to make in the Ascent to Heresy.  It’s true that I have characters that are more good or more evil than others, but it’s imperative that they have justification for their actions.  The antagonist is driven forward by revenge for a murdered love, his madness sending him into a spiraling path of what others could perceive as evil, but what he believes to be necessary.  In the same vein, the primary protagonist is loyal and honest to a fault and is constantly battling himself as he searches to find the right answers.

Hopefully today’s work has gotten this point across.  George R. R. Martin accomplishes this goal in his A Song of Ice and Fire series and while I make no claims of being even in the same league as him, I’m definitely going to try to build a world half as believable as his.

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