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The Halfway Milestone

Following tonight’s work on my novel, Ascent to Heresy, I am now over the 50,000 word milestone.  I’m projecting the finished work to be somewhere around 100-120,000 total words, a fairly decent number to aim for in a first published work.  Of course, such a number isn’t taking into account the result of the editing process or any major revisions I’ll make on the rewrite, but it’s a nice ballpark figure.

I’m actually rather happy with my creative output as of late.  Ideas have been flooding into my brain and out of my fingertips as I strive to further develop my skillset.  Obviously I have a long way ahead of me, but I’m starting to get comfortable with the knowledge of just how much work writing entails.

Ascent to Heresy saw the addition of another 696 words today.  For the past couple of chapters, I’ve been struggling to figure out how I want to the story to proceed and I think I’ve finally got an idea, so hopefully I can start increasing the daily wordcount.  I have a loose outline that I follow and continually update, but I’ve found the story generally flows of its own accord with only vague control.  I have goals and resolutions for the characters and conflicts and rough ideas for how I wish to get there, but more often than not, the story tends to write itself.  From everything I’ve read on the subject, this is a good thing.

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