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The Editing Process

I recently pulled a short story out from the archive and have begun the editing process after sending it to a friend for feedback.  The comments I received back were more helpful than I could have dreamed, and it’s reinvigorated my desire to actually publish this story and see what can be done.

The story I’m editing is the prologue to my debut novel, introducing readers to the world and the conflict contained therein and setting the stage for the drama that will unfold in the larger work.

My friend’s comments were truly inspiring, especially when I considered this story to be poorly written and weak.  Thanks to the feedback and the brilliant mind of my friend, editing has begun and I hope to have the second revision of the story completed by Monday.

In the event you’re wondering what my editing process looks like, it’s a lot of printed pages and handwritten notes, even though I can barely read my own handwriting:

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