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RESOURCE: 18 Email Templates for Freelancers

Freelancers deal with emails on a near-daily basis: we send emails, receive emails, cold pitch, warm pitch, receive inquiries, accept or turn down work…it’s a lot of emailing! Oftentimes, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect response for each situation. Elise Dopson has created a pack of 18 email templates (affiliate link) to drag-and-drop a professional response to any email you might receive as a freelancer. Elise gave me the opportunity to try out her email templates and provide feedback to her before releasing the pack to the public and I was pleasantly surprised: Despite my general aversion to paid freelancer courses, Elise’s templates are a worthy investment.

18 Email Templates for Every Purpose

Elise’s template pack includes 18 templates for almost every purpose I could think of. Templates are broken down into four categories:

  • Pitching and Following Up
  • Responding to Inquiries
  • Pricing and Finances
  • and Dealing with Clients

Before each template, Elise provides a real-world example of when the template would be fitting to use and advice or encouragement for making the template best serve your purposes. When I first opened the template pack, I was surprised by how useful I found Elise’s tips for actually using a given template for a specific situation; it removed a lot of that strange “self-doubt” that we as freelancers sometimes feel when sending an email to a prospect or client.

I wasn’t forced to think, “Hm, is this template the best fit for this purpose, or should I try another?” because Elise’s information was relatable and tied into a real-world situation where she had already done that groundwork. The templates removed a lot of my anxiety in wondering if I worded my email in the best and most professional way, even if those feelings are often wrong.

Email Templates Written in the Proper Tone

As a freelancer — especially if you’re relatively new — it can be difficult to figure out the right tone to use when pitching to companies or responding to clients. You want to sound professional yet casual, like a business owner but not a robot. This was a problem I had when I first started freelancing, but I’ve since found a way to convey my thoughts and information in a casual, but polite and professional manner.

The general tone and style of Elise’s email templates match the type of tone you should be using with prospects and clients. Each template is written in a friendly and casual manner, yet is respectful and professional.

Elise’s email templates will have you sounding exactly how a business owner should.

Elise has also highlighted and colorized the areas of the template you’re meant to change — such as the contact’s name, company, your niche, etc. This helps lessen the potential you’ll forget to change the parts of the template you’re meant to change.

Elise’s Templates in Action

While I haven’t yet had the chance to use all of Elise’s templates (since some are meant for situations that aren’t as frequent as, say, cold emailing), I was quite pleased with the amount of time I saved when using a template, as well as knowing I was saying exactly what needed to be safe in the proper tone and voice. Writing an email didn’t mimic writing a blog post, where I felt I had to rearrange, rewrite, and revise the damn thing 10 times before it was ready to send. I simply copied the template, changed what needed to be changed, maybe added a sentence or two, and clicked “send.”

Of course, the templates don’t (and can’t) guarantee a response — but they can certainly guarantee you’ll conduct yourself in a way befitting a business owner.


The price of the course is £29 GBP, which translates to around $40 USD. I’d say the templates alone are worth the price, but the in-depth advice makes the template pack an even better investment.

Even if you’re confident in your ability to send certain types of emails (as I have been), there’s a template in the pack that’s more than worth the pack’s entire cost. For me, cold emailing has always been my biggest issue — and the biggest hurdle in my path to success. The cold email template in Elise’s template pack helps me to cold pitch with confidence, knowing that I’m reflecting my business well and professionally and not feeling like an annoyance or burden to my cold email contact.

To Buy Elise’s 18 Email Templates for Freelancers with a 25% Discount:

Click here (affiliate link)
Click “Enroll in Course for £29”
Fill out the rest of the info and start using the templates!

I’d like to thank Elise for letting me take part in beta testing the templates and for being such a wealth of advice and encouragement! Feel free to let Elise know how the email templates worked for you on Twitter and don’t forget to give me a follow too!

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