Paladin Publications, LLC Has Been Formed

Paladin Publications LLC Logo

For as long as I’ve been freelancing, I’ve operated as a sole proprietor, but I’ve always had long-term plans to move beyond that. In fact, it’s been a(n almost) lifelong dream to own a company — a dream I’ve finally realized.

On May 3rd, I filed articles of organization for Paladin Publications, LLC, making legitimate the business I’ve slowly been planning and building on the side. Though Rhode Island couldn’t be bothered to notify me, those filings were approved and I’m now the owner of my first actual and registered company.

Paladin Publications LLC Filing

I’ll still be providing the same high-quality, well-written, and heavily-researched content my clients have come to expect from me on a freelance basis, but I’m now positioned to develop and expand upon other ideas I’ve held on the backburner, from book publishing to more expansive marketing services, product sales, and a widespread digital media network.

I know I’ve taken a very small and simple step compared to some of the amazing things you all have accomplished, but I’m pretty excited for what the future holds for both myself and my nascent business.

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