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Growing Old is Getting Old

(Credit for my lack of originality in titling this post today goes to Silversun Pickups.)

I am going to keep this post brief as I stare at the blinking cursor of an in-progress story, wanting nothing more than to propel that cursor forward, leaving nothing but a trail of letters behind it as I fill the blank white page.  You may have assumed brevity is beyond the breadth of my skill considering the length of my past posts, but I can choose to be succinct when the need arises.

I am still committed to fulfilling my Daily Writing Log goal, writing another 400 words today in a short story/possible novella.  And, of course, as I prepared for the sweet embrace of sleep, inspiration struck and so I stare at an open Word document, having filled it with 183 words in a matter of mere minutes.

So as I raise a cup of coffee to my mouth at this midnight hour, hopefully I’ll be able to churn out a story I can be proud of, for once.

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