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Announcing IN CROWS’ CLAWS

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on one out of the two serials I’ve been planning.  It’s a story and format that I’ve been wanting to explore and work with for awhile.  Over the past few months I’ve been conducting research into web serials and their possibility and success and I’ve found that it’s a format that people enjoy.  My “Letters” project turned into what I’ve now named IN CROWS’ CLAWS, a fantasy epistolary story.

IN CROWS’ CLAWS is based in the fantasy world of Fyrndell that I’ve been basing all of my work in, told through a series of letters written by the cast of characters that tells the progressing story of a search for the supposed Tomb of Konia, burial site of a dead goddess.  Three armies converge on the location, each with its own goals.  The characters tell loved ones, military commanders, politicians, and those close to them of their trials and tribulations on their respective journeys as the story unfolds for us through their eyes.

IN CROWS CLAWS’ is an experiment that I’d love to have succeed.  The biggest challenges issued to me from this project are to deliver content on a consistent basis and to silence my inner editor.  One of the hurdles I constantly struggle with is going back over what I’ve written and editing it over and over, and a serial with semi-set-in-stone publication dates prevents me from being too much of a perfectionist.  If you’re interested in fantasy, I hope you give IN CROWS CLAWS’ a chance and, as always, I welcome feedback and constructive criticism, or even questions, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m trying to use Twitter a bit more too, so if you’re ever wondering if I’ve published a new “issue” of the story, feel free to follow me @QuellTheWriter.

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