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I woke up in the early afternoon today, worried that I wouldn’t get much writing done as a result.  I’m glad to say I was wrong: today was one of my most successful writing days, clocking in at 3,157 words and pushing the novel past the 40,000 word milestone.  While I don’t really like measuring completion in number of written words, it’s a nice gauge to measure my work by.  I’m sure it’ll tear me up inside when I get to editing and start hacking away like the antagonist of some bad horror film, but I know it’s all for upping the quality of the book so I won’t mind too much.

Really, it’s a great feeling to have done so much today.  That number doesn’t even take into account how much work went into revising the outline and writing character notes, so I’d bet I wrote closer to 4,000 words today, but I won’t get greedy.

I most recently finished writing the dialogue of a comedic dwarf character who I created on a whim to fill a very minor role.  He’s a cynical racist currently in service to an order of paladins.  I had quite a bit of fun writing his scene, and I’m sure I’ll return to him later on in the book.  I also did homage to a favorite game of mine, opting to name him Brann.  (Fun fact: there’s 11 million possible readers who will understand the reference.)

Much to the relief of anyone who reads this, I’m sure, I’m not going to rant today.  I need to go vegetate in a corner somewhere before my brain melts from my ears and plops onto the floor like a pile of Play-doh.

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